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Saturday, April 23, 2011

thank you!!!

A huge thank you to the Womack family for their continued support and prayers!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Belpre Group has come and gone (part 2)…

One of the greatest things that happened throughout the week was the great privilege and honor to have Talanga and Josue from the Homeless Ministry come and work alongside our group. What better way to reach out to the people of Honduras, then to have some of your very own out there pounding nails, handing out food, cleaning rooms, working hard to serve our father! It was a great way for them, to give back as well! God is continually showing us ways to better serve the Honduran people!

Josue and Talanga mixing concrete for the support posts :)

Carlos, my son, on the roof finishing up the last touches!

Josue lining up the rafters!

Me and Brian discussing what to do with all the extra lumber... Opps!

While the men worked on the shelter the ladies made some AWESOME bookcases!

The Belpre Group has come and gone…

What a great week of service! Building a total two homes, a pavilion so that some kiddos will have some shade to eat lunch under at a great school, visited lots of kids, visited some of the saddest places on earth, all while continuing to show the love of Christ! We spent one morning handing out flowers and 'care packages' inside Hospital Escuela! It was awesome to see the kiddos light up when pulled out toys and candy!

Its not every often that you see and father in the hospital, looking after his son...

This boy had gone to have surgery on his leg, then the surgery was canceled so they brought him back to his room. His mother could not lift him back into bed, so joined in and helped...

Picture of the 100 flower arrangements we made in the foyer of the hospital


Then God kept sending his blessings!!!

A week later, Renia, Talanga’s wife was baptized as well. She wanted to wait, pray and see if this was the decision she really wanted to make, to take the leap of faith and step out and prove to the world that she is God’s child. It was a great testimony to watch a drug using, alcoholic couple come to know the Lord and his goodness. (the only bad thing was, we didn’t have a camera there that night! L )

Talanga Got Baptized!!!

About three weeks ago Talanga, a great man at the homeless ministry was baptized into Christ! For the past few months we have been studying the word with him, sharing stories about life and just allowing him to ask questions when he had them. We did not want to pressure him, we wanted him to make the decision on his own!

God is always, always faithful. He continues to show his mercy through Talanga!

Darwin (in the blue shirt) is Amber's Son. He is a very sweet young man. God has blessed him with the opportunity to serve these people, the people that most others wouldn't touch!

After a couple of weeks of studying and LOTS of time investing in ways to show God's love and mercy, HIS LOVE always prevails!!!

In the middle of the homeless ministry, there is a courtyard and a fountain that worked great as a baptistery!

Probably my new favorite picture... God is always ALWAYS faithful!

Where to even begin!!

This is the part I hate MOST about blogging, that SOO much has happened, God has opened SOO many doors and given us SOO many opportunities to share His love and grace and SOO many things to rejoice in that I DO NOT know where to start, so bare with me was start from where I left off and get ready for some great stories and pictures!

One night at the homeless ministry, the power was out in the building. So we fed everyone under a streetlight, just down the street!

Me and Josue, one of the young guys that lives in the building.

Renia and all of us touching her pregnant belly!!! She is scheduled to have the baby this coming Monday!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monday Afternoon Bible Study!

Max Lucado - Experiencing the Heart of Jesus
On Monday afternoon we had our first Bible study with the people in the homeless ministry. Amber and I expected about three to four people to show up, but by the end of the Bible study there was ten people, not including us white people :)

Everyone was really excited to talk and share life stories and experiences!

Amber came with print outs from the book, so that everyone can write their answers out.

God was honored by these people, sitting down and just sharing what He does in their lives, even when they didn't realize it was Him! I was very impressed with how many of the people wanted to sit down and read!!!

Closing prayer! After the prayer, since so many were in attendance and we had such a good response with lots of feed back and lots of comments we asked if they would like to have more then one meeting a week to sit down and study. They all agreed that they wanted two gathering times a week! God is always, always Faithful!!!